Purpose over Profit

Resolve Networks is a passion project and purpose-first venture with a simple idea. People intrinsically desire to do good and make a difference in the world, and the science is clear that people feel better after performing good works & deeds. What’s stopping people from feeling good by doing more good? Accessibility, convenience, cost, and whether volunteering to do good is enjoyable.

Activating the Power of Affinity Groups

Most humans have the desire to help those they have an affinity for, driven in large part by the science of our serotonin and oxytocin reward systems. Affinity comes from having a shared interest or purpose with others. Now in 2020 more than ever before, individuals, families, and teams are actively seeking opportunities to "give" in non-monetary ways.
Until now, helping "charity" is most synonymous with donating money, which is not something everyone is able to do. Volunteer opportunities are abundant, but most often they are not accessible, easy or fun, and not always free. There is no greater untapped source for good than the collective time, energy, and passion that people have for the people and causes they have affinity for.

Leveraging the Power of Purpose

Resolve Networks has created a gaming platform that makes it possible for players to do good deeds and earn money for causes they care about. The platform keeps score of players’ efforts, awarding them game coins for their works. As coins accumulate and meet campaign goals, they are converted to currency for charity via brand sponsorship of the coins, from which the company earns revenue from processing. Player engagement will be retained and scaled using leaderboards, contests, media feeds, decorations & awards, and more.

"Resolve Networks is a great idea! With their first game titles, Resolve Networks is proving that it is possible (and profitable!) to create real-world benefits for gamers, their communities and the non-profits they support. Best of all, the virtuous circle is funded by impact-conscious companies who choose to redirect current marketing dollars to enjoy even more brand awareness and impact than was possible before." Alex Chompff, Executive Director at Evolution Accelerator, El Dorado Hills, CA

A Virtuous Circle

A new set of solutions that connect brands, consumers and non-profits in a virtuous circle. Think of games on the Resolve Networks platform like Pokemon Go, but with a purpose. Contrary to today’s pay-first marketing offerings, brands sponsor game campaign goals that players meet, then pay later (with tax deductible dollars) for player engagement and social impact.
Anyone with a smartphone can perform missions/activities that directly impact causes they care about at no cost to them and generate cash donations to nonprofits, a win-win. Companies can invest in marketing campaigns that deliver measurable social outcomes, choosing activities to engage target audience(s) and funding outcomes that meet or exceed their KPIs. Resolve Networks provides nonprofits with access to corporate marketing budgets, a source that is an order of magnitude (>10X) or larger than corporate philanthropy budgets.

Where it Begins

Prior to Veterans Day 2020, the company has been bootstrapped to achieve an MVP product and functional business model. On that day, the company launched its integrated marketing campaign inclusive of products, brands, beneficiaries to drive engagement in support of its equity crowdfund effort. Learn more about the campaign at OperationComeback.org, and the the crowdfund investment opportunity at Netcapital.com.